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I used to roleplay here and may I just say that I'm really sorry that you guys are closing. It's shocking, as this is one of the most prominent marauders era roleplays I've ever come in contact with. Good luck, guys.

Sadly, the ooc drama was just getting out of hand, and I would really rather BTF close voluntarily now than have it go for another month before more people leave. Individually I had no problems with anyone on site, but as a whole, things just weren’t working. The admins here are starting a new roleplay and many members are moving to new sites, but I think we’ll all remember BTF fondly. It was a hell of a run.

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do you know when you'll be starting over? goodness i'll miss you ugh.

Awww, we’ll miss you too. The new site is up and running, and you can find us in the marauder tags. You’re welcome to join us there!

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Aww I'm really upset you guys are closing. This rp was wonderful and I'll really miss my character :(

It really was a wonderful RP with some wonderful members. However, there was a big split and a lot of drama going on behind the scenes, and we would really rather this RP go out on a high note before it self destructs. I know everyone’s looking into keeping in touch with each other, so definitely do that, and us admins are starting up a new site with many of the same characters, so you can always try to find us there!

We’ll miss you too!  <3 Though there’s still another five days until we close..

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Which players do you think resemble the characters?

Resemble the characters? I suppose everyone has a character that becomes part of them…that’s a really hard question. D: I’ll think on it.

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This may come as a shock to some of you. Some of you may be expecting it. Some of you may just not care. Some may think it a relief. Whichever category you fall in, you should know that Before the Fall will be closing on Wednesday, May 8.

Yes, I am well aware that BTF is not a dead site. I know that we have some absolutely brilliant members keeping it alive. But, as I am finding out more and more, piece by piece, there is far too much ooc drama going on in the background for me to keep this place running. I am not ok with the bullying and the bad mouthing I hear of going on and while I can only do so much, I can at least prevent my players from getting hurt worse. BTF is supposed to be a place for all of its members to go, to play, to have fun. We were lax on the para requirements, I tried to smooth over what ooc drama came to my attention, but it seems that things just kept getting worse. And my members mean more to me than this site does. 

So that’s it. BTF will be closing in one week. If you all want to continue to play with each other, I have absolutely no problems with you continuing. Ange, Liz, and I will be starting over on another site, so you may see us about the tags.

If you guys have any questions, you can reach me on Skype at wintryphoenix. I’m sorry if this was out of the blue to anyone that was as out of the loop as I was until a week or two ago. Sometimes you have to take that step before things get too bad and I think this is one of those times

It was a pleasure to play with you all. Even though some of you drove me nuts sometimes, it was my honor to meet all of you and to have you as members on my site. ALL OF YOU. So thank you, truly. We’ll probably see each other around!

All my love,


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Refollow Lucius Malfoy


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To anyone stopping by

Hello! Welcome to BTF! 

I’m sorry for all the inconvenience this is going t cause, but my computer is lagging something awful. As of right now it is barely letting me load bios, let alone update them as to who’s taken and who is not. So please, if you have any questions at all about who’s open, who we want to see, who could play/ship with a certain character, just send me an ask! It can be anonymous, I don’t mind. I just can’t seem to get bios loading right. I really am sorry for the trouble! I’ll be getting things updated as soon as I possibly can.

Thank you for your patience!


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Follow Alecto Carrow!


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Personally, what character do you want to see taken the most?

KIRA HERE. Personally, I want my seventh year Slytherins. Lucius Malfoy, Rodolphus Lestrange, Barty Crouch Jr, Evelyn Kight…

Ange would like to see Ted Tonks or Kingsley Shacklebolt. Especially Kingsley.

[When Liz gets online, she can add her opinion here.]

I know of our members, there has been a big call for Travers? People really want to see him. And our Andromeda really does want her Ted.

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